What We do

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Zangokaji Forensic Investigations Agency Ltd is equipped to provide detailed reports, video footage and photographic documentation, which will provide adjusters and legal counsel with the
information they require relating to any exaggerated or fraudulent personal injury and property claims.
Our areas of expertise are (but are not limited) to the following:
• Fraudulent claim investigation
• Surveillance Locating
• Claimant interviews
• Employment and neighborhood interviews
Any illegal act needs qualified and professionally trained investigators.

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Security Consultancy

An organization or individual is able to obtain security consultancy services ranging from needs assessment and training, to screening (Vetting & Profiling) of prospective employees. Furthermore, awareness work shops are held to sensitize the clients on different security related issues.


VIP Dedicated Patrols

We offer our clients piece of mind in ensuring that we patrol their commercial and residential
premises while they enjoy their rest after a
hardworking day. During our patrols we are
proactive in stopping the attack on detecting
beforeit even starts


Security Investigations

  • Border violations Investigations with focus on issues such as border disputes investigations, illegal border crossings, smuggling, human trafficking and global crimes Investigations
  • Death /Crime scene Investigations with focus on investigating or reconstructing crime scenes to establish actual cause of death, etc to help grieving families have closure etc
  • Cheating Spouse investigations:
    If you’re living your life in worry and doubt, fearful that your spouse might be cheating, the best and safest way to find out is to hire
    Zangokaji Forensic Investigations Agency Limited to do the research.
  • Investigations into Pre and Post election violence and disputes
  • counter terrorism Investigations

Debt Collection

Using this service,the clients are able to recover sums owed to them by debtors through Zangokaji Forensic Investigations Agency Ltd bailiff department, engagement fee for logistics and agreed percentage depending on amount of 10% – 20%

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Static surveillance services are available on a 24 hour basis. This service is aimed at defending and protecting our clients and preventing hostile activities planned against them. This service enables our clients to verify information, uncover suspicious activities and gather information of value for possible use on the subject affecting an individual and /or a business entity. Zangokaji Forensic Investigations Agency Ltd uses the latest technology in surveillance to provide excellent services to its clientele.


VIP Escorts

Under this service we escort our VIP client wherever they want to go to ensure that nothing happen to them They can be driving their vehicles while we follow them behind with our vehicle.

More VIP Services

VIP Weekend Special Protection/Driving

We offer our clients special protection driving when they go out to social places with friends or family members. We ensure that we drive them safely to their enjoyment and back home without any attack or loss of property of life.

Personal Bodyguards

We offer our clients personal protection from all forms of attacks against them. We offer protection of property against burglary, vandalism, theft and trespassing

Personal Bodyguards

In this Service we offer our clients VIP undercover surveillance We gather very important information about organized crime syndicates in organizations and other much needed information, such information can be used in cases or in reorganizing companies We use the state-of-the-art equipment.

VIP 24 Hours On Call Rapid Response

We offer our clients 24 hours emergency rapid response toll free line. All our clients can call our 24 hours control room using a toll-free number in case of emergency. All our clients will be in our control room data base making it easy for our team to locate you when attacked.

VIP Security System Audits

We check on the service ability of your electronic
security gadgets, your physical security, perimeter protection, lighting etc. This is to protect your interests to ensure that your security service providers are not getting free money without providing any service at all or rather are providing poor services that are below the standard. We will then equip you with facts you can use to claim your money back.


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