PIONEERS OF PI SERVICES IN ZAMBIA Providing Practical Private Forensic Investigations Services And Security Consultancy You Can Count On, 24/7 on a Timely Basis.

Uncovering many forms of organized crime,mobile money thefts, car thefts, cyber thefts and rackets affecting individuals,families and companies.

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What We do

ZFI Agency being the PIONEERS of PI Services in Zambia, consists of a dedicated team of Special Agents within and outside Zambia do detect frauds and counterfeit activities and facilitating the recovery of a wide range of property, mobile money thefts, and stolen motor vehicles, as well as investigating and nabbing scammers, swindlers, and impersonators, among others. Other focus is on due diligence investigation, infidelity/cheating spouse investigation, missing persons investigations, and any other forms of investigations as per client’s request The Agency’s high level of success is a result of its well-organized and well-coordinated countrywide presence of Special Agents(Private Investigators), collaboration with security wings, access to modern advanced technology, and a wide network both at local and international levels.

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Zangokaji Forensic Investigations Agency Ltd (ZFI Agency), Pioneers of Private Investigation services in Zambia, is/are equipped to provide detailed reports, video footage and photographic documentation, which will provide adjusters and legal counsel with the
the information they require relating to any exaggerated or fraudulent personal injury and property claims.
Our areas of expertise are (but are not limited) to the following:
• Fraudulent claim investigation
• Surveillance Locating
• Claimant interviews
• Employment and neighborhood interviews
Any illegal act needs qualified and professionally trained investigators.


Security Consultancy

An organization or individual is able to obtain security consultancy services ranging from needs assessment and training to screening (Vetting & Profiling) of prospective employees. Furthermore, awareness workshops are held to sensitize the clients on different security-related issues.

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Security Investigations

  • Border violations Investigations with focus on issues such as border disputes investigations, illegal border crossings, smuggling, human trafficking, and global crimes Investigations
  • Death /Crime scene Investigations with focus on investigating or reconstructing crime scenes to establish the actual cause of death, etc to help grieving families have closure, etc
  • Cheating Spouse investigations:
    If you’re living your life in worry and doubt, fearful that your spouse might be cheating, the best and safest way to find out is to hire
    ZFI Agency to do the research.
  • Investigations into Pre and Post-election violence and disputes
  • Global crimes Investigations

Committed to Service

  • Free rapid response in case of an emergency at the site.
  • Free security consultancy to call our clients.
  • Free security risk analysis survey in a bound document for the client’s planning purpose.
  • Free investigations at our client’s sites in case the client is encountering some internal threats from the staff.
  • The Private Investigator (PI) shall act as an Special Agent for the client, he forwards the observation reports to the client.
  • Our Special Agents monitor and keep records of all goods received and delivered to the clients/outlets.

Report Scams and Frauds.

We take the privacy of individual cases very seriously.

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